One of the most influential scholars - you've never heard of.

Shaykh Uthman Dan Fodio didn't just leave an indelible mark on the scholarships and societies of West Africa, his exploits have reverberated across the Atlantic and beyond.

So why is it that most people have not heard about this eminent 18th-century revivalist? The course will answer this very complicated question and delve into the background of the Shaykh and his revolutionary ideas.

Based on the authentic writings of the Shaykh and the witness of historians, we will look at his influence on Muslim scholars, his empowerment of the common people, his program for the liberation of women, and his revivalist movement that eventually led to the Sokoto Caliphate, an Islamic Empire that governed with Islamic law for almost 100 years before the coming of the British in the 20th Century.

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1. Roots of African Islamic Revival

The course begins with a reflection on the condition of humanity and the Muslim world. 

2. The Background in West Africa

This section deals with the background of some of the most significant West African groups and their pre-Islamic belief systems.

3. Travel, Teaching and Revival

Dr. Quick delves into the Shehu’s career between 1774-1804 and the essence of his revivalist teachings.

4. Using the Shehu's legacy Today

Grab your notepad for a deep look at some of the key issues arising from the Shehu’s Islamic revival and how to use it in our lives today.