From Makkah to the Americas

Islam and Africa are like grapes and the vines from which they grow. The two are inextricably linked - and yet today there is a gap in the understanding of the true history of Black Muslims.

Muslims of African desent were never passive observers forced to accept a foreign creed. Black Muslims were world-renowned scholars, kings, and nobility, and even in the bowels of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, their mark can still be found in the Americas today.

Join this journey of a course as Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick takes you through this important history and how it impacts our lives today.

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1. Black and Noble

Shift your paradigms and challenge your perceptions about black history and the influence of Islam in Africa. Find out about the Blackness in ancient times and the Black companions around the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

2. Islam enters Africa

The first Muslims to travel to Africa were refugees seeking the protection of an African king, not conquerers holding swords. This lesson takes you along the journey of Islam across Africa.

3. The travels of Black Muslims

This lesson looks at the great pilgrimage of Mansa Musa - one of the most important journeys in recorded history. We then take a step back into evidence of Muslim voyages to the Americas before Columbus.

4. Black to the Future

Learn how to apply the knowledge from this course to our world today as Dr. Quick shares the importance of African roots in the Americas and its influence on future generations.

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